Covid-19 - yes it will end, so start planning your New Zealand self drive adventure now

During March 2020 the New Zealand Government introduced strict laws affecting travel to, from, and within New Zealand. And whilst it's not practical to travel here now, the good news is that these restrictions will not last forever.

So don't get caught in the rush. We encourage you to start planning now for your dream New Zealand holiday.

Our website has loads of great information to help you plan your New Zealand self drive holiday.

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The Rotorua luge and gondola are one of Rotorua's most popular attractions.

Located high above the city, the Rotorua luge and gondola offer visitors stunning views and excitement.

Family fun at the Rotorua luge and gondola - picture courtesy

Best known for its geothermal attractions and Maori cultural experiences, Rotorua is also home to another gem. Located minutes from town, the gondola and luge complex sits high above the city on Mt Ngongotaha.

Your adventure begins with a leisurely ride on the famous Skyline Gondola. This peaceful ride provides amazing views across the surrounding area, and gives you a real feel for the region's lakes and thermal landscape.

Once at the top, you can choose from a range of entertainment. The thrilling luge ride is addictive fun. There is also a restaurant, cafe, gift shop, theatre, gallery and winery on site.

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Rotorua Luge

The Skyline Luge is a great family friendly activity, with a range of tracks to suit all skill levels.

Great views from the Skyline Gondola - picture courtesy

The luge is like a cross between a toboggan and a cart, and is controlled by central handlebars, which regulate your speed and steering.

Opened in 1985, the luge now has sister tracks in several locations around the world, including Queenstown, on the South Island.

The three tracks in the Rotorua complex wind their way through beautiful forest, gradually descending down the hillside, and range in length from one to two kilometres.

Once you reach the bottom, a chairlift transports you back to the top for your next run.

If you are visiting Rotorua, a trip to the Skyline Gondola and Luge is highly recommended.

Rotorua Gondola

Rotorua's Skyline Gondola is a "must do" Rotorua attraction.

Rotorua's Gondola is a

Hop into one of the eight seat cabins and be whisked away on a peaceful trip to the complex at the top of Mt Ngongotaha.

The 900 metre long ride offers wonderful photo opportunities and is the perfect introduction to the other facilities that await you at the top.

With everything from restaurant and cafe, to a winery, gift shop and theatre, the Skyline complex will keep you and your family entertained for hours.

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