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Our New Zealand Travel Planner will help you plan your dream New Zealand holiday

Our New Zealand travel planner is a handy guide to help you make some crucial decisions about your New Zealand holiday.

Visitors to New Zealand fall roughly into two categories:

  1. those who have been here before or who have a good idea about where they want to go and what they want to see, and
  2. those who know that it's a beautiful place, but don't have a set itinerary in mind
Lake Hawea near Wanaka

If you fall into category 1, you may just need some help with booking your car or tour. If that's you, then the links on the navigation menu at the top of the page may be all that you need.

But most visitors need a little more help, and if you are not really sure where to go or what to see, or how much it will cost, our Travel Planner is designed for you.

Our New Zealand Travel Planner is not a hi tech tool, so don't be concerned that it might be difficult to use. It's more an easy to follow, step by step guide to help you:

  1. determine how much time you will need for your dream holiday
  2. get to know a bit more about the various New Zealand regions and attractions
  3. plan your travel route
  4. decide whether you are going to drive yourself or take an organized escorted tour
  5. accurately work out how much your holiday will cost

There is a bit of information to digest here, so perhaps grab a coffee before we start.

Here we go....

New Zealand Travel Planner - just click on each Step to reveal more information.

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