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Step 5 - Hire a car or camper, or take a self drive package?

Once you have decided on your travel route, it's time to decide whether you are going to:

  • 1) Drive by yourself in a rental car or campervan, stopping at your leisure, or
  • 2) Take one of our great self drive packages or let us build one for you. This can include your car, selected accommodation (to suit your budget), and even selected activities (for example a trip to Milford Sound, or even a swim with the dolphins), 

To help you decide, here are our advantages and disadvantages of each.

1) Hire a car or campervan

We have toured New Zealand extensively in hire cars over the years, and can highly recommend it as a great way to see New Zealand.

If you don't mind carefully planning your trip, then touring New Zealand in a hire car or camper can be a rewarding holiday experience.


  • gives you the freedom to drive at your own pace, adjusting your itinerary as you go
  • you travel with your selected partners or friends
  • there is less reliance to adhere to a set timetable and those early morning starts
  • visit only those attractions that you want to see
  • book your accommodation as you go, giving you the chance to see it before you book


  • fuel costs
  • the uncertainty of driving in a strange country can see you missing some of the best spots
  • peak holiday periods can lead to accommodation shortages in some locations
  • budgeting may be more difficult because you don't know your main costs up front (fuel, accommodation, meals, activities etc)
  • meals are not included

And don't forget, we offer rental cars and campervans at market leading rates. You can learn more HERE.

2) Self drive packages

If you are thinking of touring New Zealand, Our popular self drive packages take the hassles out of planning your trip. Our expert consultants have built self drive packages for hundreds of happy customers, and can build the perfect package for you.

Their extensive local knowledge ensures that they can work with you to decide on the best spots and attractions, all in keeping with your budget and timeframe.

We recommend using our itineraries as your starting point. Each itinerary is available as a self drive package. But if you can't find one that you like, we can build a package to meet your exact needs. Our packages can include as little or as much as you want. We can pre-book selected accommodation and activities, and include your rental vehicle as well. It's all up to you.

Our friendly consultants can have you touring New Zealand in no time at all!


  • your major costs are known up front (car hire, accommodation, selected activities)
  • you have the benefit of working with our experts and tapping into their extensive local knowledge
  • because your itinerary is carefully planned, you won't waste time visiting places that have little attraction
  • you have the freedom to allow us to book as much, or as little accommodation as you like. Our consultants will advise you about any spots where it may be necessary to book ahead


  • your fuel costs are not included
  • you don't have the benefit of an experienced guide (but you can hire a Kruse in car GPS based information guide)
  • no meals included

Check out our great range of self drive packages HERE.

Still Not Sure?

The decision of whether to hire a car or camper, or take a self drive package, can be confusing.

If you are having trouble deciding, we are happy to help with any questions you might have, so please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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