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Here is all the relevant information on New Zealand distances.

New Zealand distances

Although New Zealand is a relatively compact nation (around the size of the United Kingdom), road journeys can often take longer than anticipated.

When you look at a map, what may look like a journey of say 1 hour, could actually be double that.

Why? Several reasons.

Firstly, many parts of New Zealand are mountainous, meaning that roads are often winding with frequent changes in elevation, particularly in the South Island.

Secondly, weather conditions in the colder months leave some roads affected by ice and snow, which can significantly increase travel times. Because of this, car rental companies sometimes insist on snow chains, so please be aware of this if you are traveling in winter.

And thirdly, because the scenery is so stunning, you will find yourself stopping frequently to take pictures (we speak from experience!).

Looking over Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola at Bob's Peak

The New Zealand road system is generally very good, and is well maintained. However, you need to carefully plan your trip to ensure that you don't drive when fatigued. Allow for plenty of rest stops, stopping at least every two hours. The wonderful thing about traveling in New Zealand, is that rest stops are usually accompanied by amazing views.

As an example of the increased driving times in New Zealand, consider this. Te Anau to Milford Sound is 121 kilometres. At an average speed of 80 kilometres per hour the trip should take around 1.5 hours. However, the suggested time for the trip is 2 and one quarter hours, meaning an average speed of only 54 kilometres per hour for the journey. This is fairly indicative of travel in New Zealand.

Before driving, please check road conditions, particularly in winter.

You can check driving distances below

Please use the charts below for driving distances within New Zealand:

New Zealand Distances - South Island

South Island distance chart - courtesy New Zealand Trade Manual

Distances - North Island

North Island distance chart - courtesy New Zealand Trade Manual

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