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U.S.FTC GUIDELINES PLEASE NOTE: we act as an affiliate for several companies that feature on our website. In some cases we may earn a commission from referrals to those companies. For further information please refer to our Privacy and Disclaimer policies which can be found in the "US" tab.

SBI Review - this is NOT another get rich quick scheme

Why did I decide to write an SBI review?

My SBI review comes from the heart, and if you read on you will see why.

In mid 2017 I became aware of a growing trend of people writing negative SBI reviews.

As I read these reviews several things became very clear:

  • The writers were actively promoting another product, Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which they were paid to sell
  • Many of them had no actual experience with SBI, so how could they write a meaningful review?
  • These fake reviews had no research to support their claims

These fake reviews really disturbed me because as an actual user of SBI for several years, I know, first hand, what a great product it is.

Where is the proof that SBI works?

I know from solid research that SBI works far, far better than the alternative that the scammers are promoting.

If you need convincing, here's the comprehensive proof - the 3 part study.

Now does the competition have anything like that to support their claims?

No they don't. Just outlandish statements and claims, but no proof.

Here's an example of how well the top SBI sites rate in comparison with WA:

And as you can see, the results are mind blowing! They shoot the alternative down in flames, and when you read these results in conjunction with some real case studies from actual SBI users, the picture becomes very clear. SBI is the real deal.

You can see some real SBI reviews here - written by actual users of SBI these are the genuine thing. No fake statistics, no false claims, no fake websites. Check them out.

What is SBI?

SBI (or Site Build It) is an all in one online business building package.

It's a comprehensive set of awesome tools that give you everything that you need to research, build, and market your online business.

But I have to declare up front, that it can be an arduous journey.

If you want a quick fix, look somewhere else, and be prepared to fail.

Everything that you need to build your online business

The first thing that makes SBI such a great product is the Action Guide.

It takes you through every step of your journey, from developing your site concept, to researching and registering your site's name, to building and marketing your website.

Developing your site concept is a crucial stage of the process. How do you know that your business idea has merit? Will there be enough demand for it? Is there enough, or too little competition?

The Action Guide helps you work your way through this process, and in my case, I had to reassess my ideas several times before I finally settled on my chosen topic.

And as I made my way through the Action Guide it dawned on me that this was going to be a real journey of discovery, as I slowly became aware of just how much I didn't know about building a website.

The Site Designer tool allows you to build the template for your website. There's a huge range of templates available, categorized by niche type, so that you can choose one that fits your business perfectly.

Once you've chosen your template, the Site Builder helps you build your pages, and even includes a tool that analyzes each page so that it's "friendly" with Google and the other search engines.

There's also a fabulously devoted group of fellow SBI site owners ready to wait and help you at every step of the process (and of course the SBI Support team). The forums are an amazing place to share ideas, and to give and receive help, and I can say in all honesty, that the forums have been an invaluable tool as I've built my website.

And one of the most pleasing things about the forums, is that the founder of Sitesell, Ken Evoy, is a regular contributor and advisor.

Now how many companies give you that level of accountability?

Does it matter what type of business I have?

No it doesn't (but of course you do need to have a product that people want).

The range of people who have built successful online businesses with SBI is staggering, and when you read through the following list, there's a wonderful variety of people from all walks of life, who have found their niche, and made a success of it.

Have a look at this article on SBI's Top 500 and you will see what I mean.

So what has SBI done for me?

There are tons of fake reviews out there in the "internet marketing" world, claiming to have made people into overnight millionaires. You probably see them every day in your junk emails.

Well, they are lying.

It does not happen like that. You need planning, dedication, and a great product to make a successful online business.

Now I'm not going to claim that I've made tons of money with my website, because, so far, I haven't.

But with the help of SBI, my business is growing. And as it grows, so does my income.

It's not just a money thing

But to me SBI has meant so much more than being a way to make money.

It's been a way to keep me active and creative during a time of prolonged illness.

It's provided some hope to get out of bed some days, and has given me the motivation to keep working when I could have just given up.

And it has given me a way to promote something that I feel passionate about, New Zealand.

SBI means different things to different people.

So in the process of building my website I've not only created something for the future, I've created something for now.

And that's something that I didn't expect when I started.

So don't believe those fake SBI reviews

Remember the old saying, "if it walks like a duck, looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then IT'S A DUCK".

Do your research, follow the links on this page, and before you decide to commit your time to an online business, take some time to weed out the scammers.

Read some real SBI reviews and remember, that making money online is NOT easy.

But with SBI, you have a great chance of success.



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