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Coming to Queenstown? Here's all the basics on Queenstown weather.

Queenstown weather

Queenstown weather is ever changing, and even though there are four distinct seasons, conditions can quickly change, even in the warmer months.

During summer, days are generally long and dry, allowing you plenty of time to enjoy the great outdoors in this beautiful part of New Zealand (click on the following link to learn more about things to see and do in Queenstown).

Looking down on Queenstown from the Skyline Gondola complex - pic courtesy Skyline Gondola

In winter, Queenstown can have temperatures as low as -10 Celsius.

Snow and ice are common in the colder months and roads may close due to the conditions.

Chains may need to be fitted to your vehicle, and if you are renting a car, please check with the car rental company.

If chains are required and you do not have them fitted, your insurance may be voided in the event of an accident.

You can search for rental cars here.

If you are driving in the colder months, please drive to the conditions.

Queenstown Seasons are:

Winter-June, July, August

During winter, snow covers the mountains around town, and the ski resorts (Coronet Peak and The Remarkables) are in full swing. Conditions are reasonably dry with little rain (great for skiing and getting out and about with your camera).

It's a great time to visit. The local pubs all have their fires roaring, and the town buzzes with excitement.

If you are here in June, check out the Queenstown Winter Festival.

Spring-September, October, November

The season of birth, with new lambs appearing and plants starting to bloom. Spring can still be frosty, and snow will still be on the mountains around Queenstown.

Summer-December, January, February

During summer, days are long and sunny, and with summer daylight saving, daylight can last to beyond 9 p.m. in most areas.

Autumn-March, April, May

Things begin to cool off again during autumn, although conditions will still be generally clear and sunny. Autumn brings vibrant new colors as leaves change, and as with all other seasons, photo opportunities abound. The autumn colors in nearby Arrowtown are stunning.

Warmest, coldest, wettest, driest

On average, February is the warmest month. July is the coolest month, December is the wettest, and September is the driest.

Average Maximum Temperatures for Queenstown

Queenstown Winter 10 C 50 F

Queenstown Spring 16 C 61 F

Queenstown Summer 22 C 72 F

Queenstown Autumn 16 C 61 F

For more details on Queenstown weather click here to visit the New Zealand Met Service site.