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U.S.FTC GUIDELINES PLEASE NOTE: we act as an affiliate for several companies that feature on our website. In some cases we may earn a commission from referrals to those companies. For further information please refer to our Privacy and Disclaimer policies which can be found in the "US" tab.

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New Zealand Travel Insurance - The Facts

New Zealand travel insurance is an absolute necessity if you are planning New Zealand travel.

Why Do I Need New Zealand Travel Insurance?

Well, imagine that you are on holiday in New Zealand and have an accident.

You are rushed to hospital by ambulance and need urgent surgery. Fortunately you are ok, but you need to stay in hospital for a few weeks.

The medical bills keep mounting up and before you know it, your savings are exhausted and you can no longer pay for your ongoing care.

Without New Zealand travel insurance you could be liable for huge medical bills.

Or worse still, you need medical assistance to be flown home for onging treatment.

Who pays for your medical treatment, which can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Travel insurance could cover these costs.

What happens if you have luggage or personal items stolen?

What happens if your trip is cancelled, or the itinerary changes through no fault of yours? Once again, travel insurance can cover these unexpected costs.

But hey, that always happens to somebody else. It wont happen to me, you think.

Wrong! It can happen to you, and you need to be prepared. Please, don't risk travel without appropriate New Zealand travel insurance.

Here are some actual examples from World Nomads, of how travel insurance helped some unlucky travelers:

1) "I was jogging along a footpath, about four meters from a main highway and then… well, God only knows what happened. I woke up, face down, with my leg all twisted. I was in immense pain. I don't remember being hit by a vehicle or a person — I have no idea how it happened. I called for help but most people just ignored me. Finally a Red Cross ambulance arrived and took me to Emergency at a nearby hospital: this was the beginning of a long road to recovery. You do not want to be stuck in hospital in Costa Rica"

How World Nomads helped

Emergency medical treatment including ambulance, hospital care, X-rays, a temporary cast, transfer to USA for surgery by an orthopaedic surgeon. Total costs $159,479

PAID AUD $159,479

2) "While on my trip through Australia my passport decided to take a trip of its own: through the wash. Soaked, tattered and in multiple pieces the Australian consulate informed me I would need a new passport to continue on my way"

How World Nomads helped

Covered costs for replacing passport and passport photos. No excess applies in this benefit.

Claim paid: $278 USD

3) "What started out as a garden-variety ear infection turned into an emergency dash to Casualty. Intense pain & excessive bleeding from my ear led me to seek urgent medical treatment from a nearby hospital. The doctor told me I had a ruptured ear drum due to inflammation of the ear, which had been caused by my untreated ear infection. My advice: if you have a sore ear, get it checked out as soon as possible and avoid what I went through"

How World Nomads helped

Emergency treatment in hospital followed by a check-up with a specialist and prescription medication. Also needed to cancel a scheduled flight. Medical costs and cancellation fee totalled $981.

PAID AUD $881.62

4) "I was having an awesome time skiing at Whistler until one morning I woke up feeling unwell, with terrible pain on the right side of my abdomen. After a quick trip to the local medical centre, I was sent for blood work to confirm a diagnosis of appendicitis, then onto hospital to see a surgeon. I said goodbye to my appendix that evening"

How World Nomads helped Emergency treatment, including medical consultation, blood work, anaesthetic and surgery costing $1565

PAID A$1565.30

5) "I was out mountain biking in the elements… when a tree got in my way. On impact, the handle bars of my bike twisted, bluntly jutting into my ribs before I went flying. I was in a lot of pain but there was no external bruising. I figured that even if I had broken a rib, there was nothing much anyone could do, so I didn’t seek medical attention. Two weeks later, though, I was still in just as much pain as when the accident had happened — and my internal organs felt painful, too. When I started having muscle spasms near my ribs I started to worry that something might be wrong, so I went to a nearby hospital. After initial concern that I had damaged my spleen, I was told I had multiple fractures in my ribs."

How World Nomads helped

Hospital medical care including CAT scan and chest X-ray costing $5,236.

PAID USD $5,236

More true claim stories

It's not pretty reading, but travel insurance is a necessity and it's interesting to read about the experiences of other travelers.

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Travel insurance with World Nomads just makes sense

As you can see from these examples, it was lucky that these travellers took the time to arrange appropriate travel insurance.

New Zealand travel insurance is one of those things that you hope you will never need. But in our view it's an absolute necessity.

What does your New Zealand Travel Insurance cover?

If you click on the following link you will be able to see what we cover.

For the small cost involved, a New Zealand travel insurance policy is a must.

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