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Here are a selection of helpful maps of New Zealand.

We hope that these maps of New Zealand provide a variety of useful information for you.

For detailed PDF maps of each region click HERE.

New Zealand is an island country located in the south western Pacific Ocean, and is primarily made up of two large islands, commonly known as the North Island, and the South Island.

Map New Zealand's locatio

New Zealand is made up of 25 unique regions, stretching from the "creatively" named Northland, at the top of the North Island, to "Southland" at the base of the South Island.

New Zealand has a widely variable terrain, and includes everything from beautiful surf beaches, to snow covered alps and glaciers. The northern regions have an almost sub-tropical climate, whilst the southern regions are cooler and may experience very cold winters. Snow can fall on both islands, and remains permanently on the alps.

New Zealand map courtesy Backpack New Zealand

State Highways (maps courtesy NZ Tour Maps - click the map to visit their website)

North Island State Highways map
South Island State Highways Map

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New Zealand Regions

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Map mean temp January
Map mean temp July
Map Sunshine Hours
Map Rainfall

Our thanks to Tourism New Zealand for the climate maps reproduced here

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