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It's time to make those New Zealand travel dreams a reality.

Aotearoa (the traditional Maori name for New Zealand, meaning "Land of the Long White Cloud") is a truly amazing country. 

And we can help you research, plan, and book your perfect New Zealand holiday.

How do I start my New Zealand travel planning?

The best place to start is to learn about each region. From there, use our great free itineraries to plan your travel route.

The stunning Milford SoundMagnificent Milford Sound

But if you are new to New Zealand, planning your holiday can be a confusing process.

How long will I need?

Where should I go?

Should I visit one island or both?

How much will it cost?

Well fear not! Our New Zealand Travel Planner is just the thing you need. It's a handy guide that will help you through your holiday planning process, and will hopefully help to answer all those questions that you might have.

Then it's decision time. Who is going to drive?

We have many customers who prefer to travel at their own pace. If that's you, then all you need to do is hire a car or campervan and off you go, using your chosen itinerary as a guide.

Lake Matheson on the South Island's wild West Coast - picture courtesy Ulrich Hoecker

But these days, more and more people are choosing to let our expert local consultants do the hard work. We have a full range of New Zealand self drive tours to choose from, or they can build the perfect self drive package for you, and can include vehicle hire, accommodation to the standard you choose, and even your selected activities. No need to agonize over where to go or where to sleep. And because our travel experts do this all the time, they know all the best spots.

Or perhaps you would prefer to sit back and let someone else do all the driving? No problem, we have a wide range of New Zealand holiday packages´╗┐ and New Zealand coach tours, covering both the North and South Islands. Travel in air-conditioned comfort with an experienced crew on one of our fully packaged tours. Transport, accommodation, many meals and activities are included in our value for money coach tours. It's a great way to see New Zealand and meet new friends.

New Chums Beach in the Coromandel Region - image courtesy Tourism Coromandel

For those with an adventurous nature, our small group New Zealand adventure tours and camping tours are a great way to see all the sights, experience the real New Zealand, and satisfy that inner thrill seeker! And because our adventure tours are fully customizable, you can choose from a wide range of optional adrenalin charged activities.

And let's not forget New Zealand's growing reputation as a world class ski and boarding destination. Our experts can also build you an amazing packaged ski or snowboarding adventure.

You can also use our site to book your flights, RVs/Motor homes, cars, tours, cruises, accommodation, activities and travel insurance....we have a huge selection to choose from.

A land of incredible beauty

Have you ever been to a place so beautiful that it almost takes your breath away? A place where you can't wait to round that next bend in the road, curious to see if it can get any better? And then it does!

The famous Shotover Jetboat near Queenstown.

New Zealand is one of those places. The sheer beauty never ceases to amaze us, and no matter where you are in this spectacular country, photo opportunities and jaw dropping moments abound (take a few minutes and have a look at the two videos further down the page).

Mt Ruapehu on the North Island - picture courtesy Haka Tours

And what's a travel site without pictures? Throughout our site there are lots of great photos, and you will find that if you move your cursor over a picture, a description of the location or attraction will appear.

From the beautiful Northland to the rugged Southland and wild West Coast, New Zealand has something to satisfy all tastes.

Maori cultural tour at Rotoru - picture courtesy Haka Tours

Amazing bays and beaches, stunning alpine regions, thermal wonderlands, glaciers, some of the best hiking in the world, serene fiords, thundering waterfalls, sensational skiing and snowboarding, World Heritage areas.....the list goes on and on.

If you are looking for an easy to read reference guide about New Zealand, their official tourism body, Tourism New Zealand, have a great information guide and you can view it here:

Click here to read your free 24 page introduction to New Zealand booklet in pdf format from Tourism New Zealand, or right-click to download it.

New Zealand Travel Showcase is the culmination of our experiences over the past 30 plus years, and we hope that our web site gives you a feel for why we love New Zealand, and for why we keep going back for more and more of what this beautiful country has to offer.

Picture of a giant Sperm Whale at Kaikoura on the South Island

And we hope that our website helps you to plan your perfect holiday.

So come on, grab a coffee, sit back, and explore New Zealand Travel Showcase.

All the best,

New Zealand Travel Showcase

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Is the scenery really that good? It sure is. Here's a sample from Tourism New Zealand - enjoy (Please turn your sound on for the full Kiwi experience!):

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