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What I Thought of the Milford Sound Day Tour from Te Anau

by Bronwyn

Milford Sound is one of the most spectacular places I've ever been to. I didn't do my research when booking a Milford Sound tour, instead I just went along with what my friends were planning.

So I ended up on the full day tour from Te Anau, but probably would have preferred to go kayaking or on a much smaller boat. That being said, the tour on the big crowded boat was absolutely unforgettable and I enjoyed every moment of it.

The scenery is stunningly dramatic - even on the bus on the way to Milford Sound, you look out the window and see hundreds of waterfalls cascading down a massive sheer wall of dark rock reaching thousands of metres into the clouds.

The experience you have of the New Zealand fjords is dependent on the unpredictable weather, because it changes the mood of the landscape so much. I know because I did the Milford Sound tour on a bleak, rainy foggy day and a Doubtful Sound overnight tour in crystal clear, sunny conditions and the scenery looked completely different.

But no matter what the weather conditions, it's beautiful and dramatic. In the fog and rain and wind, I missed out o seeing Mitre Peak or the mirror-calm water reflecting the snow-capped mountains, but I feel fortunate to have experienced the mysterious atmosphere of the dark mountains shrouded in mist, the waterfalls in full force and the hundreds and thousands of extra waterfalls that you only see when it rains cascading like lightning bolts down from the mountain tops.

I spent the entire tour out on the deck of the boat in the wind and rain, captivated by the views. Surprisingly, there were only 3 or 4 of us outside, apart from when the boat drove right into the spray of a waterfall, when hundreds of people stampeded out to the front of the boat. All my friends and everyone else sat in warmth and comfort indoors. I think to really appreciate the beauty and drama of Milford Sound you have to be out on the deck of the boat in the elements, no matter how freezing cold it is!

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