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Here is a great selection of New Zealand videos.

If you have not yet been to New Zealand, these New Zealand videos are the perfect introduction to this wonderful country.

New Zealand is visually stunning. From the sub-tropical Northland, to the rugged Southland and the wild West Coast, New Zealand offers visitors scenery that is the equal of anything on earth.

Snow covered peaks like those in the World Heritage listed Mt Cook, the thermal wonderlands of Rotorua, rugged coastlines, rolling green pastures, beautiful bays and inlets...you name it, New Zealand has it.

And although New Zealand is the youngest country on earth, it has built a proud culture, which we hope is reflected in the videos on this page. From Maori art and performance, to the spine chilling Haka, New Zealand has an identity all its own.

Such is the charm of New Zealand, we are constantly amazed by the feedback we receive from visitors who simply cannot believe the scenery and range of activities available in New Zealand.

We have selected a range of videos which we hope will give you a snapshot of this amazing nation. Of course nothing beats actually being there, but these videos will give you a real sense of what to expect on your New Zealand holiday.

Browse through the selection, most of which have been sourced from Tourism New Zealand and the various regional tourism boards, and you will get a feel for the diversity, charm, and majesty that awaits you in New Zealand.

Make yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy Aotearoa!

The following link will take you to the official Tourism New Zealand Youtube page where you can view lots more New Zealand videos.