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If you are looking for New Zealand hostel and backpacker accommodation, we can help you find it.

Your perfect New Zealand hostel awaits

There is a huge range of New Zealand hostel accommodation available.

As you have probably heard, New Zealand is a very backpacker friendly country.

Haka Lodge Paihia in the Bay of Islands

There is so much to see and do here that we attract backpackers from all over the world, all anxious to experience our unique country.

And our happy locals are waiting to welcome you with open arms.

If you have time, have a look at our dedicated backpacker page, which has lots of helpful information on backpacking in New Zealand.

Finding the best New Zealand hostel accommodation

From Northland at the top of the North Island to Southland the bottom of the South Island, backpackers, and people looking for cheap accommodation are well catered for.

Outdoors at Haka Lodge Taupo

If you are looking for cheap accommodation, then a hostel can be a great option. Most offer basic but comfortable accommodation, with the added advantage of usually being close to city centers.

And these days, most hostels offer tour booking services, and a wealth of local knowledge about where to go and what to see and do.

Search New Zealand for hostels

We recommend using Booking.com, one of the most experienced booking services in the world.

They have a large range of accommodation in all parts of New Zealand, and can find the right hostel at the right price.

You can search for hostel availability right here by clicking on the quick links below.

Click here to find YHA hostels

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How about something special?

In New Zealand there is a growing trend for hostels and backpacker lodges to offer a better, more upmarket (but still affordable) experience for their guests.

Dorm accommodation at Haka Lodge Auckland

The Haka Lodges, located in the South Island in Queenstown and Christchurch, and in the North Island at Paihia (Bay of Islands), Taupo and Auckland, have really gone that extra mile to please.

Bright, clean, modern, and with motel quality bedding and facilities, their lodges are very highly rated.

They are all centrally located, close to the action in each town or city, and their unique dorm "pods" offer you your own self contained area, featuring a private storage locker, a power supply, lighting, privacy screen, and quality bedding and linen.

Or if you want a little more privacy and luxury, their private rooms offer motel quality for a fraction of the price.

We can highly recommend Haka Lodges.

If you are visiting those locations, do yourself a favor, and check out what they have to offer:

Haka Lodges South Island

* Haka Lodge Queenstown

* Haka Lodge Christchurch

Haka Lodges North Island

* Haka Lodge Auckland

* Haka Lodge Paihia

* Haka Lodge Taupo

Need to hire a car or camper van?

New Zealand has a wonderful road network, so driving yourself is a great way to see this amazing country.

Take your time to visit the places that you want to see. Set your own itinerary, or use one of our great free itineraries as a guide.

So if you are planning on hiring a car and driving yourself, we can help.

We have a great range of New Zealand rental cars.

With access to all the major brands, a huge range of vehicles, and market leading prices, we can find the perfect vehicle to suit you.

Don't Forget Travel Insurance

Don't get caught without travel insurance.

We have heard many horror stories of visitors facing huge financial losses because they forgot to take out travel insurance.

For the small cost involved, travel insurance is a must have.

You can learn more about your New Zealand travel insurance options here.

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