Covid-19 - yes it will end, so start planning your New Zealand self drive adventure now

During March 2020 the New Zealand Government introduced strict laws affecting travel to, from, and within New Zealand. And whilst it's not practical to travel here now, the good news is that these restrictions will not last forever.

So don't get caught in the rush. We encourage you to start planning now for your dream New Zealand holiday.

Our website has loads of great information to help you plan your New Zealand self drive holiday.

And of course if you have any questions, just ask us. Happy holiday planning

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New Zealand honey is some of the best available, and has the added benefit of being good for your health.

Manuka Honey

New Zealand honey comes in various types. Perfect climate means happy bees, and great honey.

The two most popular are clover honey and manuka honey.

Honey moistureiser and Soap

Clover honey is New Zealand's most common honey. Primarily produced in the South Island regions of Canterbury, Southland and Otago, clover honey offers a delicate flavour and light colour. Available in both liquid and creamed forms, it is popularly used as a sweetener, as an addative when baking, and as a spread, and is wonderful on a piece of freshly cooked toast (very addictive).

Manuka honey is made from nectar of the Manuka bush (which is also known as the "Tea Tree"). Said to have anti-bacterial benefits, Manuka honey is much darker in appearance than Clover honey. Some forms of Manuka honey contain a strong antibacterial compound known as unique manuka factor (UMF).

Honey Liqueu

The UMF scale was developed by scientists from the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato. The UMF letters are followed by a number, indicating the UMF strength of the honey. UMF labelling indicates that the honey has the special UMF antibacterial benefits as stated on the label.

UMF Manuka honey is claimed to assist with ailments such as ulcers (peptic and skin), sore throats, reflux, and to dress wounds.

Of course, Manuka honey also tastes good, and can be used as a spread and in cooking.