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New Zealand heli skiing Wanaka. What an amazing location.

New Zealand heli skiing Wanaka is the ultimate experience for skiers and snowboarders. And Harris Mountains Heli Ski can take you to the very best Southern Alps locations around Wanaka.

Harris Mountains Heli Skiin

Now just imagine this. A pristine, untouched mountain wilderness. Perfect powder. Crisp, clear alpine air. And only your small group of companions to remind you of civilisation. As far as the eye can see, nothing but snow capped peaks and endless runs. This is New Zealand heli skiing.

Are you ready? Snap in to your bindings, breath the air (said to be some of the purest on earth), soak up the view, then push off. Your adrenalin builds as you realise just how small you are in this massive expanse of powder. Left, right, left......and you can't believe these amazing conditions. Before you know it you are at the base of your run. Your helicopter awaits to take you back to the top so that you can do it all

Harris Mountains Hheli Skiing

over again. And again. Time flies and before you know it, a gourmet lunch awaits. Eat, refresh and then back to the top to relive what you will remember as one of the greatest experiences of your life.

And that's what heli skiing is all about. Perfect conditions and an escape from the mundane.

Are you a first time heli skier, or a max vert expert? It doesn't matter, because Harris Mountains Heli Ski will take you to a perfect location. From Queenstown and Wanaka to Mt Cook, they know the very best locations. And their QUALMARK rating assures quality.

Click on the following link to check out your New Zealand heli skiing Wanaka packages.

With awesome scenery, amazing food and wine, and a great currency exchange rate, New Zealand's South Island has all of the ingredients for a perfect skiing holiday.

And you can find out about Wanaka here.