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Looking for a Lord of the Rings tour?

Our Lord of the Rings tours take you on an exciting journey through Middle-earth, to stunning locations, many of which are closed to the general public.

Bag End, Hobbiton

Come and join other like minded fans as you get in touch with the real New Zealand with Red Carpet Tours, your LOTR experts.

Experience amazing locations, breathtaking scenery and the services of their dedicated staff, as they take you on a feature packed LOTR adventure.

Their award winning tours range from day tours, to ten and fourteen day odysseys.

New Zealand is one of the most spectacular countries on earth, and it's easy to see why it was chosen as the location for these very special films.

Gollum at Wellington Airport

Towering peaks, glistening lakes, thundering waterfalls and rolling hills are all part of the stunning kiwi landscape.

And you can experience it on one of their amazing tours. Visit many of the  locations featured in the films. Immerse yourself in the stunning New Zealand countryside and see why New Zealand was chosen as the site for these amazing movies!

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Choose your favorite Lord of the Rings tour

14 Day Lord of the Rings Tour

The 14 day tour travels the length of this beautiful country. Visit the best film sets and locations and meet those involved in the making of the trilogy. Gaze in wonder at New Zealand’s stunning scenery and attractions, and experience for yourself the unique kiwi culture. Or take some time out to try some of the many optional extras...perhaps a helicopter flight, a whitewater rafting adventure, or winery tour. The choices are endless.

Leaf Brooch Canyon

10 Day LOTR Tour

Traveling from New Zealand's capital, Wellington, to New Zealand's adventure capital, Queenstown, the 10 day tour showcases the best of New Zealand's amazing scenery together with many unique LOTR film locations. Meet some of the people involved in the making of the trilogy, and enjoy the many highlights of Middle Earth.

Rohan Village

Hobbiton Day Tour

Join us on our guided day tour of the Hobbiton set, located in the rolling Matamata countryside.

And to top off your tour, we enjoy a light lunch at the Shires Rest, located on the iconic New Zealand sheep farm, home to the movie set.

Aragorn finds the Leaf Brooch

Need to know more about New Zealand?

New Zealand is a fascinating country, with some of the best scenery, activites, food and wine on earth.

We have heaps of great information on our New Zealand regions pages.


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