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Are you interested in Kiwiana, New Zealand arts, crafts and gifts? We have a full range for you right here.

Kiwiana is the term used to describe items from New Zealand's heritage, which are uniquely New Zealand, and which hold a place in the hearts and memories of New Zealanders. Te Ara Encyclopedia of New Zealand defines it as the "quirky things that contribute to a sense of nationhood". The term has been used to describe any New Zealand icon, but it is more common for it to be used to describe kiwi foods and toys, such as the pavlova and the Buzzy Bee toy (click this link for a classic kiwi pavlova recipe).

Here are some other examples:

Chocolate fish-a marshmallow sweet covered in chocolate, in the shape of a fish.

Kiwi-a native bird

Jandals- a casual piece of footwear, known in other countries as a "flip flop" or "thong".

The tasty Pavlova

L&P-a popular soft drink.

Silver Fern-a native plant, often used to adorn the clothing of national sporting teams such as the All Blacks rugby team.

Various products regarded by New Zealanders as kiwiana, such as Weet-Bix, Watties sauce, and L&P, are actually manufactured by overseas companies, who have enthusiastically promoted these products to a loyal New Zealand public. In one such example, the manufacturers of Wheet-Bix ran a very popular and successful campaign which included a catchy jingle "Kiwi kids, are Wheet-Bix kids.

Jandels, flip flops, thongs

But kiwiana does not need to be something available only to New Zealanders. If you have travelled to New Zealand, or are planning a trip to New Zealand, it's likely that you have spotted some craft items, jewellery, gifts or souvenirs that you just have to have.

Well, now you can.

Through our supplier, Shop New Zealand, we are able to offer you a comprehensive range of New Zealand souvenirs, maori arts and crafts, New Zealand jade, New Zealand honey, maori jewellery, and other kiwi products.

Follow the links on this page to learn more about the amazing range of gifts available.

To find out more about New Zealand culture and kiwiana click here to visit the website for Te Papa, the Museum of New Zealand.