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Our feature packed Ultimate, Classic, and Highlights series tours have been carefully developed to give you superb value for money.

Which series best suits you?

For the ultimate experience, take an Ultimate tour

Ultimate Series Tour4 to 4.5 star hotels, more 2 & 3 night stops, operates in summer only.

For those who want more than just a coach tour and have the
experience of exploring off the beaten track, an Ultimate tour is for you.

Auckland, City of Sails - picture courtesy Kirra Tours

Designed for people who wish to experience New Zealand the way New Zealanders do. Taking you to unique locations exclusive to our Ultimate series. This includes some of the most popular holiday spots known to the Kirra 'Whanau' (family).

You will have plenty of opportunities to experience these hidden gems like the rich gold mining heritage of the Coromandel and the pristine waters and the abundant wildlife of the Abel Tasman. Immerse yourself in these landscapes and take the opportunity to explore them on a
guided walk including the world famous Hollyford Track.

Take comfort in the Classics

Classic Series Tour – 3.5 to 4 star hotels, more 2 night stops, operates year round.

All the inclusions at a relaxed, well balanced pace for those wanting to see New Zealand from top to bottom. See more, do more, explore more.

Franz Josef Glacier - picture courtesy Kirra Tours

Our most popular tour series to date has been running for over 40 years and is recommended by thousands of past travellers. We know you like to discover new things and meet new people; our well balanced itineraries will showcase the best of New Zealand while introducing you to lifelong friends.

Explore natural landscapes, cultural heritage and experience true kiwi hospitality with each nights stay. These well paced itineraries will allow you to relax whilst knowing we have taken care of all the details.

More freedom on a Highlights tour

Highlights Series Tour 3 to 3.5 star hotels, more time at leisure, operates in summer only.

Want less so you can do more? We have given you more free time so you can choose the things you want to do as you travel around New Zealand.

Awaroa Inlet in the Abel Tasman National Park - picture courtesy Kirra Tours

Using our wealth of experience we have developed a series of itineraries to showcase New Zealand's highlights. For those with value in mind, but with no compromise in quality, the Highlights series is a great introduction to New Zealand coach touring, offering you more free time
to choose the sightseeing that suits you and your budget.

Choosing your own adventure starts here.