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Investment Property New Zealand

Queenstown Panorama From Skyline Gondola

If you are interested in building an investment property New Zealand portfolio, New Zealand has a lot to offer investors.

There is no stamp duty, mortgage stamp duty, tax on capital gains, purchase tax or land tax, when purchasing investment property New Zealand.*

And at the time of writing, New Zealand's favourable exchange rate means that you get a lot more for your investment dollar, when investing in New Zealand. Click here to view our Currency Calculator

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Depreciation rates are comparatively high in New Zealand, increasing the tax effectiveness of investment property New Zealand. At the time of writing, the depreciation rate in New Zealand was four per cent per annum, from purchase date, regardless of the building's age (please note that the New Zealand Government are looking to change depreciation rules - please check with your accountant before making any investment decisions).

If you sell your investment property New Zealand, any profit on the transaction will probably not attract capital gains tax, but you may need to declare the foreign income. Please consult your tax agent or investment advisor for clarification.

To increase investment in New Zealand, the New Zealand Government encourages foreign investment in real estate, helping to meet the growing population's demand for property.

To find out more about restrictions and investment laws, click the following link to visit the New Zealand Overseas Investment Office website.

New Zealanders are keen property investors, and one of the most popular regions is the Central Otago Lakes region. Queenstown is one of the most popular locations for both international and local property investors, and regularly leads the New Zealand Business and Economic Research Limited's economic performance ladder. An ever growing population, a strong rental market, and the region's status as a major tourist destination, all combine to

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make the Central Otago/Lakes region an ideal one for investors.

According to an article published in the Southland Times in March 2010, Queenstown's airport was expecting a record 790,000 passengers by the end of the financial year. International flights would be expanded to 24 flights per week in the coming winter. And investment in the airport is expected to total $25 million over the next five years, a sure sign that the region, and Queenstown in particular, will continue to grow.

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According to Statistics New Zealand, the Queenstown Lakes district will have the highest growth rate in the country by 2031. In February 2010, Statistics New Zealand issued population projections for the country. For the 25 years from 2006 to 2031, Statistics New Zealand predict that national population growth will generally slow due to the narrowing gap between births and deaths. However, Queenstown appears set to buck that trend, with population expected to increase by 2.2 per cent per year. Accordingly, Queenstown's 2006 population of 24,100 will increase to 41,700 in 2031.

According to figures from queenstownproperty.com, the average dwelling sale price in Queenstown increased from $201,100 in 1999, to $506,500 in 2009, an increase of 151% over the ten year period.

Queenstown property has proven to be a perfect investment vehicle for many local and international investors. And it can be profitable for you also.

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Click on the following link for investment property New Zealand statistics from Statistics New Zealand.

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