Here you will find all the necessary information about the climate of New Zealand.

The climate of New Zealand is ever changing, and even though there are four distinct seasons, conditions can quickly change, even in the warmer months, particularly in the higher alpine regions.

Conditions are mainly affected by two things, the ocean and the alps. Whilst the far north has sub tropical conditions in summer, areas in the south can have temperatures as low as -10 Celsius during the winter months. Snow and ice are common in the colder months and roads may close due to the conditions.

For more detailed information please go to the New Zealand Metservice web site

Four Very Distinct Seasons

Winter-June, July, August

During winter, snow covers the mountains in many areas on both islands, and rainfall increases in the north. However many areas on the south island have little rainfall in winter (great for skiing and getting out and about with your camera).

Spring-September, October, November

The season of birth, with new lambs appearing and plants starting to bloom. Spring can still be frosty, and snow will still be on the alps.

Summer-December, January, February

During summer, days are long and sunny in most areas, and with summer daylight saving, daylight can last to beyond 9 p.m. in most areas.

Here is the current date and time in New Zealand:

Autumn-March, April, May

Things begin to cool off again during autumn, although conditions will still be clear and sunny in most regions. Autumn brings vibrant new colours as leaves change, and as with all other seasons, photo opportunities abound.

Average maximum temperatures are:

Auckland Winter 15 C 59 F

Auckland Spring 18 C 65 F

Auckland Summer 24 C 75 F

Auckland Autumn 20 C 68 F

Wellington Winter 12 C 54 F

Wellington Spring 15 C 59 F

Wellington Summer 20 C 68 F

Wellington Autumn 17 C 63 F

Christchurch Winter 12 C 54 F

Christchurch Spring 17 C 63 F

Christchurch Summer 22 C 72 F

Christchurch Autumn 18 C 65 F

Queenstown Winter 10 C 50 F

Queenstown Spring 16 C 61 F

Queenstown Summer 22 C 72 F

Queenstown Autumn 16 C 61 F

To view a map showing the climate of New Zealand, click HERE.

For more information on the climate of New Zealand please go to the New Zealand Metservice web site